Our Guarantee of Services:

1. All products purchased from Laser Works Unlimited are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship. If anything sold is defective or is not made to the approved engraving specifications, you may return the item (in new condition) and we will fully replace the item free of charge. Every item is inspected prior to shipping. Laser Works Unlimited is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction!

Laser Works Unlimited reserves the right to refuse work that is determined unsuitable or to be in bad taste and further reserves the right to refuse any engraving project for any reason, without explanation.

2. Conditions on completed laser engraved selections:
Laser Works Unlimited guarantees to complete every engraving per the customer’s pre-approved proof and specifications. Each engraving is processed by trained experienced personnel, using the best methods to produce the best possible results. Our proof approval ensures that we get every engraving right!

All engraved selections made to order cannot be restocked. Engraved items that are completed to the customers approved proof and specifications will not receive a refund or exchange. Changes or modifications to an order after the order has been completed is not permitted. Laser Works Unlimited may require proof of any errors or defects. It is not possible for Laser Works Unlimited to predict or warranty personal preference for items engraved per the customers approved proof and specifications. Laser Works Unlimited cannot ensure that engraving results will meet the customer’s expectations. This especially applies to engraved photographs because there are so many factors involved with engraving photos. These factors involve a multitude of possible characteristics that we at Laser Works Unlimited have very little to no control over. The customer assumes full responsibility for the accuracy of their their submitted information, to read the associated information pertaining to their engraving order and to ensure that the content provided to Laser Woks Unlimited is correct when placing the order and submitting the final approval of the proof.

3. All engravable photo stock items include the image processing, setup and engraving of one picture and any capable text in the price posted. We do not charge for extra letters / characters or lines of text! So you can add your picture and say what ever you want with your personalized engraving without the complication of detailed per character or per line calculation cost. Some items may include extra engraving options for an additional cost. For collage engravings that involve more than one image processing, there is a $15.00 charge for each additional image to be processed. Digital graphics should be equal in print size as the engraving. We will look at your picture to determine if meets requirements. If we determine that it does not meet the requirements we will notify you. If the image needs a simple fix we may do it free of charge. If the image will require extensive processing, graphics work starts at $20.00 and up depending the time required to accomplish the work. We will provide you with an estimate before work begins.

4. Your privacy is very important to us. We do not sell, trade, or otherwise distribute your personal information for any purpose, ever.

5. Fast Service... Most orders with laser engraving are completed and shipped within 7 to 10 business days of proof approval!!!

6.Payment Options and Process:
Laser Works Unlimited accepts, checks, cashiers check or money orders. Checks and money orders should be made payable to: Laser Works Unlimited LLC. We also accept several credit cards and bank transfers, via PAYPAL, including email,fax or phone.
*All sales, services and laser engraving work with a total cost of $100.00 or more requires fifty percent down before work begins unless agreed upon in advance by Laser Works Unlimited.

7.Order Confirmations and proofs for engraving work are based on the initial details and information provided with an order. Confirmations and proofs take time to process. Expected requests for changes include such things as resizing a font or repositioning of artwork. If you choose to make major changes such as submitting different text or picture from the original, you maybe subject to a processing fee ranging from $15.00 to $40.00 per hour based on the details and time it takes to re-process a new image , layout, art work or wood work.

Note: The entire Order Confirmation & Proof process may add a couple days to the process before your order can be processed. All orders are scheduled into production in the order that we receive proof confirmations approvals and will not be determined by when orders are placed.

8.Shipping:Our preferred shipper is the US Mail Services, they have proven to be the most reliable shipper over and above all other shippers that we have used!
Priority service delivery times average 2 - 3 days in the continental US . Deliveries to every address in the United States - including PO Boxes and military addresses. Saturday and residential deliveries at no extra cost. We do however have the capability to ship with UPS or FedEx if needed.

9. Laser Engraving / Cutting Capabilities:(Technical applications are as follows)
Engravable area is 24" X 12", cylindrical engraving capable, laser vector cutting and items engravable up to approximately 30" in length depending on the article and requirements. We can laser engrave wood, wood veneers, plastic acrylic, marble, glass, stainless steel, ceramic, leather, anodized aluminum and more. If you have an odd shaped item(s) that you want engraved, we might be able to construct the necessary jigs (fixtures or templates) to engrave those hard to engrave items at a nominal set up fee.

10. Copyrights & Trademarks:
By submitting logos, art or any other images to Laser Works Unlimited, it is assumed that you have the legal rights and/or legal permission and therefore you are authorizing Laser Works Unlimited to reproduce said images. Purchaser / customer/ orderer agrees to assume any and all liability as well as legal fees resulting from actions or demands brought against Laser Works Unlimited , it’s owners, employees or agents, for any and all trademark or copyright infringements.

11. Items Mailed to us:
Laser Works Unlimited is not liable for the condition of any items, images, artwork or photographs that are sent to us, returned from us or otherwise lost in the mail or shipping.
Please, DO NOT send us any "valuable", "irreplaceable" or otherwise "one of a kind images" or items without prior notification and approval of Laser Works Unlimited. We suggest that you send us a copy of your image.
If your photo or item is a one of a kind, we strongly suggest that you get it professionally copied. Send us the copy and you keep the original. When mailing pictures, be sure to place cardboard or other rigid material around photo to prevent damage to it in transit. You may also want to insure the item.
Photographs that we receive creased or otherwise damaged may be deemed unusable for laser engraving and may require another picture sent. The time for digitally repairing images is not included in our product cost and will be subject to additional charges, if applicable. We may return images sent to us with the completed order.

12. Pricing and Posted Information:
Pricing and/or options are subject to change without notice. All orders placed before a price change will retain the initial price before it was updated. Special requested laser engraving, art work or wood working that exceeds our standard operating procedures or method of operation maybe subject to an additional charge(s) between $15.00 and $40.00 per hour. Estimates of required work will be sent to you for prior approval.